Teaching about the Shoah

Teaching about the Shoah
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  1. Course description, overview of bibliography and introduction to methodology on “What Do We Know about the Shoah/Holocaust?”
  2. Emancipation, Assimilation and Jewish Identity from the Enlightenment to the Nazi Era
  3. The Structure of the Jewish Community between the two World Wars in Croatia and its South-East European surrounding
  4. Lecture: From Modern Antisemitism to Nazi Ideology
  5. From the Rise of the Nazi Party in Germany to the “Operation Barbarossa”
  6. The Place of Jasenovac and the System of the Croatian USTASHA in the History of the Shoah/Holocaust
  7. The Jewish Community in Muslim Countries during the Shoah/Holocaust
  8. The Shoah/Holocaust and Genocide in the 21st Century
  9. The Shoah/Holocaust as Memory Forming Event – Concepts of Collective Memory
  10. The Shoah/Holocaust in Eastern European Cinema – Concepts of Visual Memory
  11. Commemoration and Memory in Post-Communist Countries – Concepts about Nationalization of Memory
  12. The Role of the Eye-Witness and the Eichmann Trial in the Memory of the Israeli Society – Concepts of Communicating Memory
  13. Text and Context: Why Should We Teach the Shoah/Holocaust?
  14. How Can We Teach in an Interdisciplinary Approach?
  15. Conclusion remarks

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